HOT BODY WRAP is now a proud partner of Revitalize Massage Studio! We are now operating together in a new location on Richmond Highway in Alexandria, VA. You now have the option of booking services with Revitalize Massage Studio. 

Revitalize Massage Studio is owned and operated by a single licensed massage therapist, Mia Tillery. Our studio continues to offer premier massage therapy treatment services. Whether you want to get rid of the tension in your muscles or just escape from a long day, Revitalize Massage Studio offers a massage experience tailored to your specific needs.

Step into a relaxing environment with a soothing ambiance and let a professional pamper you. The tranquil sounds of the waterfall and serene music will help you connect into a relaxing meditative peace of mind. Enjoy a full body massage today. 


Why Choose Me?

All of my clients enjoy the highest level of service as well as a beautifully designed massage room. I've created a tranquil environment of beautiful, fresh aromas, and sensual lighting that appeals to the senses and calms the mind. At Revitalize Massage Studio, I believe in being the most highly skilled Licensed Massage Therapist. My friendly and informative approach to massage therapy is the hallmark of my service. Enjoy the electronic submission of client intake forms. I am direct and ask questions to ensure you have an amazing experience. My suite is conveniently located near Washington, DC and Maryland.

If you are looking for massage services near DC, Maryland, or Virginia, give us a call. For faster response time, please text 703-829-0026 or email The best way to reach me is via text message. While I am in session, I am unable to answer the phone. 

My hours of operation are listed at the bottom of the Home Screen. I am located at 6911 Richmond Highway, Alexandria, Virginia 22306. We operate by "Appointment Only." Schedule your appointment today or click the "Book Now" button where you will be redirected to my scheduling site. 

Benefits of Massage

Reduction of Stress Hormone

Stress relief is the key to achieving a healthier lifestyle. During a massage, your calming response is increased, which results in a decrease in stress.

Immune Booster

Studies indicate that regular massage can naturally increase the immune system. This can help make autoimmune conditions more manageable through things like decreased pain or fatigue.


Improve Sleep

Having trouble sleeping or suffer from insomnia? Massage can help you sleep more soundly. Frequent massage may assist with clients getting deeper, more restorative sleep.

Improves Joint Mobility

Massage helps soft-tissue restrictions. Actively massaging out soft-tissue restrictions can help reduce problems related to joint decay or other ligament problems.

Relieve Headaches

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic headaches and migraines. Massage will help ease the pressure and pain in your neck, which can also reduce the chance and frequency of headaches.

Improve Circulation

The pressure created by massage therapy moves blood through congested areas. This causes new blood to flow in, resulting in improved body function.


Revitalize Massage Studio

6911 Richmond Highway, #315

Alexandria, VA 22306

By appointment only. No walk-ins.

Ph: 703-829-0026

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 10 am - 7 pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10 am - 5 pm