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What To Expect 

With COVID-19 in mind, please reschedule your appointment if you've been sick, been around someone who's sick or traveled in the last 3 months. We are taking preventative measures such as wearing face shields, gloves, face masks and gowns during your session to keep you, our family, & our community safe!  You will be directed to wash/sanitize your hands upon entering our sweat studio.  Face masks or face coverings are mandatory to wear during your appointment. We have the right to deny service to anyone who doesn't comply. Please do not bring any extra guests with you. One on one sessions only unless its a couple's service. We thoroughly clean & sanitize before, during and after each client. 

This service is not recommended to those who are claustrophobic. 

We do require undergarments or a two-piece bathing suit during the body wrap. Shorts for men. The Infrared Body Wrap is similar to a heated sleeping bag. You will be placed in our treatment bed. Our staff will assist you in getting in and out of the infrared wrap. The wrap will not get hot enough to burn your skin, since it is heated by Infrared. Infrared heat is absorbed into your body, versus the traditional sauna, which heats the area that you step into. Your body temperature is what increases and where the feeling of being "hot" comes from. Your heart rate will also increase during the detox, but at a slower, deeper rhythm than traditional exercise. The first 20-to-30 minutes of the 60 minute detox is generally described as being "easy" and "cozy". Most feel that around the 35 to 40-minute mark, you will notice the heat, and your heart rate and sweating becomes more intense.
We will check on you throughout the session and provide water and a fan to keep you cool during your sweat session. Your body is receiving the maximum benefits in those last 15-minutes and the goal is to try to stay in the wrap for the full 60-minutes. However, if at any time a level of discomfort takes place during the session, please notify our staff to stop. Participants may feel dizzy and lightheaded after the session. So we recommend getting up slowly and taking a few moments to relax before changing.  
Finally, the sweat you experience during the Infrared Body Wrap is different than the sweat you experience at the gym or exercising. It generally will have a different feel and smell on your skin, because it pulls out the deepest layer of toxins. You will notice you tend to stop sweating almost immediately after toweling off. Another common reaction is that people do not have that sense of feeling "sweaty" or "dirty" after the detox. 

It is NOT recommended to shower for at least ONE hour after your sweat session. Your heart rate and metabolic rate is still at an elevated level and should slowly come down to your normal body temperature on its own. Your body is still receiving the benefits and burning calories for a few hours after you complete the sweat session.

Have realistic expectations. The Infrared Body Wrap treatment combined with a healthy lifestyle will get you the results you desire more quickly.  





7700B Richmond Hwy Ste. 115

Alexandria, VA 22306

No walk-ins. 

By appointment only.


Located inside of the Phenix Salon Suites at The Mount Vernon Plaza. 



Call/ Text 571-549-1077


Monday - Friday

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